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We are a naturally fast food business.

We, as do we all, rely on the natural world for our health, happiness and our business so it makes sense we are kind to the planet.

The restaurant industry has a big impact, as almost half of what British people spend on food, is with restaurants. So we can make environmental problems worse, or we can work to find ways of reducing our environmental impact and inspire our extended family of food growers and producers to to do the same.

Food is a right and a necessity, so together we can make better choices and develop better habits so it is more sustainable.

We make the best decisions we can as there is not always a right decision, it is often about the options available to us and our judgement.

Here we share information on what we do currently and improvements we are hoping to make.

Our focus is on three areas:

1/ Food sourcing & Coffee

2/ Waste & Packaging

3/ People & Property

LEON is proud to be a founding member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and in 2017 our co-founders John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby won the Raymond Blanc’s Sustainability Hero award at the Association’s ‘Food Made Good’ awards.

The SRA exists to help restaurants become more sustainable in the way they source their ingredients, engage with local community and manage their impact on the environment.

LEON currently have two stars from the SRA rating completed in 2015. We are now working with the Association to have our rating updated.

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