We handle all allergens in our kitchen and cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment.

Allergens at LEON

Our mission has always been to make it easy for everyone to eat well and live well, and that means creating good fast food that as many people as possible can enjoy.

All of our teams are trained that in the event of a guest mentioning they have an allergy, the guest should be directed to our Foodie Fact Sheet. This lists every ingredient in our dishes with the allergens marked in bold, and listed again in a separate column. We keep copies of the Foodie Fact Sheet at our counters and it is available to download online.

If you have an allergy we ask that you check the Foodie Fact Sheet before you order. Even if you checked it on your last visit, we occasionally change our recipes and this is the only way to make sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information. We also have a summary of the allergens present in our dishes on our menu boards and online .

Notwithstanding that, when ingredients are in the same kitchen it is impossible to guarantee that your dish will be 100% allergen-free.

Which is why, if you do have a serious allergy, we have to ask you to make that known to us before dining so we can provide you with information to help you make safe choices. 

Wheat Free

For a number of reasons, wheat has become a problem for many people. Modern wheat is very different from traditional ‘ancient’ grains such as millet, spelt or kamut. It has been bred to be easier to harvest and higher yielding and now contains much more gluten than these traditional grains. Among other things, wheat can leave those intolerant to it feeling sluggish with flu-like symptoms.

Gluten Free

At the extreme, gluten intolerance manifests itself in Coeliac disease. But many people without the disease now steer clear of gluten, which is becoming more common in our food.


These dishes are entirely meat-free. The secret to life is to be able to make vegetables taste good. Succeed in this and the world is yours. You will eat better, more cheaply, and stress out the planet a little less.


These dishes do not contain any animal products whatsoever. No milk, no egg, no nothing. We are always looking to introduce as many plants into our menu as possible.


These dishes have nuts in. We create many dishes that are nut free, and take segregation very seriously in the kitchens however, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment for those with severe allergies.

Low Glycemic Load

We use the tick symbol to denote dishes that have a low Glycemic load. The GL refers to the extent to which a food raises ones blood sugar levels as it is digested. Initially, the concept became known as the Glycemic Index (GI) which measured food on a sugariness scale relative to glucose (which was given a score of 100) – all foods with a score above 50 were seen as bad news. More recently this has been modified to the idea of the Glycemic Load, which recognises the effect of the whole food not just how sugary the carbohydrate element of the food is. We give any dish wish a GL of 11 or under a tick.

Good for your gut

These dishes contain live probiotics, the good bacteria that allows our guts to flourish, or are a source of fibre.

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