Why can't fast food be good food?

That's what John, Henry and Allegra asked themselves all the way back in 2004. Before this, John and Henry were spending their time travelling up and down motorways, eating food that neither tasted good nor was good for them. Gone were the days of feeling excited about going to McDonald's or Burger King as a treat, the magic of fast food had gone. And so they set out to create LEON- fast food that not only tastes great but is surprisingly good for you, affordable and good for the planet.

Fast Forward to 2022 and we now have over 78 restaurants in the UK, Ireland and across Europe. It is our mission to help people eat well and we want to do this in every major city around the world.

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Did you know that over 90% of our General Managers have been developed internally? And that over 50% of our Support team started their LEON lives in our restaurants?

We offer constant development at LEON to get you to the next stage in your career with us. As well as offering apprenticeships to further your professional development.

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