At Leon, we believe that food should taste good and do you good.

We are drawn to the flavours and natural goodness of the Mediterranean way of eating. It’s a diet that is positively full of plants, fresh herbs, spices, good fats from olive oil, seeds and nuts and well-sourced meat.

Our overall view on nutrition is well summed up by Michael Pollan in his great book In Defence of Food: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. A diet that follows these principles will be a good diet. We use whole ingredients and favour good fats and good carbs.

To help you find the right thing on the menu for you we have introduced a menu filter, click here to try it out.

We work closely with nutritionists to make sure that the overall menu offers options for everyone whether you’re a hard exercising gym bunny or take a more sedentary approach to life. We are now partnering with The Gut Health Guru, Dr Megan Rossi to tell people more about gut health and gut friendly foods.

We also use Children’s Food Trust guidelines to help create a balanced and nutritious children’s menu. During the development of our meal options for kids we focused on keeping sugar, salt and saturated fat to a minimum.

All our nutritional figures on the menu pages are provided as guidelines. They are all correct to the best of our knowledge but may vary occasionally with ingredient provenance and seasonality. We use a range of nutritional symbols to help you quickly identify the dishes we have on offer.


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