Did you know 29.09 is International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste? When it comes to solving climate crisis, it's good to start with small steps. Every time you save a Too Good To Go Surprise Bag from LEON, 2.5kg of CO2e gets avoided.

It might seem like a small step in the scheme of things, but when you multiply one person’s effort, that impact adds up.

So far, we’ve saved 148,124 Surprise Bags. And in doing so, we've avoided 370,310kg of CO2e. A lot of small steps that added up into something big 💚


We take lots of measures to make sure that we waste as little food as possible in our restaurants. That being said, sometimes we are inevitably left with some spare meals throughout the day. This is why in the beginning of 2021 we partnered with Too Good To Go, a free mobile app, who help us make the best use of any surplus food we produce at LEON.

Each Too Good To Go Magic Bag contains a tastily discounted LEON meal that, otherwise, would have been left as surplus food. Working together, we are being kinder to our planet, and eating good food while we do so.


⅓ of food produced globally is wasted. That equals to 1.2 billion tonnes of food each year, 52 tonnes of food per second.

This has further implications in many other areas of our lives, mainly environmental, social and financial .

By saving meals, we are ensuring that all food produced is food consumed – and ultimately less food will need to be produced. You not only save the actual food in front of you but also the earth's valuable resources such as the land it took to produce food, the energy it took to transport it, or the water it took to irrigate.

It's a combined effort, and we're committed to fight the food waste, one bag at a time.

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In the UK we are wasting 9.5 million tonnes of food each year. Household food waste is responsible for 6.6 million tonnes, around 70% of total UK food we throw away. Out of those 6.6 million tonnes, almost three quarters (70% of the total) is food we could have eaten (4.5 million tonnes).

Food that could have been eaten but gets thrown away (4.5 million tonnes) is worth around £14 billion (£13.8 billion). This is around £60 per month for the average family with children, or eight meals a week.

This is why, LEON in collaboration with Too Good To Go created a series of recipes you can follow at home to help reduce food waste, every day.

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