Ever since we started selling coffee, we’ve made sure that we’ve used the best coffee beans we can. The best for flavour. The best for the farmer. The best for the environment. Triple certified: organic, Fairtrade and rainforest friendly.

LEON coffee doesn't just taste good. It does good too.

We buy our beans from Puro, trailblazers in the European coffee market. Together we work with the World Land Trust to buy and protect some of the world's most biologically distinct and threatened habitats.

Through this partnership we have managed to save over 600 acres of rainforest. That's an area bigger than Monaco. And with their help we've bought and preserved an area of mountain forest in Western Peru called Leon de Montana.

Every cup you drink helps us save more ecologically important and biologically diverse habitats. In fact, for every seven cups of coffee you drink, you save a square metre of rainforest.

Leaves a good taste, don't you agree?

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