Unlocking the power of plants.

With red lentils and fennel seed. Tomatoes and roasted red peppers, red lentils and harissa combine to create this warming soup, full of flavours of the Middle East. Perfect for lunch or dinner, served with some crusty bread.

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Inspired by one of our best-selling restaurant dishes. A creamy (vegan) broth - combining coconut milk infused with masala spices, with some sultanas for some natural sweetness. Chunks of sweet potato & cauliflower florets make this a filling soup for one.

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With Italian basil oil. Our take on the average pea soup. We've blended peas, kale, and creamy tofu and infused it with authentic Italian basil pesto oil to create our LEON Pea & Pesto. Featuring a broccoli crumb, cannellini beans and some quinoa, to create a filling, nutritious meal soup.

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Grab-and-go, but make it nutritious.


Dip Dip Hooray




Drizzle, Dress, Sauté and Fry

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Same beans, freshly ground

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