How to make coffee in a cafetière

1. Add one heaped tbsp of coffee to your cafetière.

2. Gradually add 250ml of boiled water.

3. Stir and replace the lid.

4. Allow to infuse for four minutes.

5. Plunge, serve and enjoy.

How to make coffee with a V60

1. Fold your filter paper into a cone along the seam and place it into your V60.

2. Wet the filter paper using just-boiled water, and discard the water. This will get rid of the papery taste.

3. Add 15g of coffee to your filter paper, bang it on a bench to level it out. 

4. Very gradually, pour over 220ml – 250ml of hot, not boiled water. Do this in concentric circles, very slowly. Don't let the water come into contact with the filter paper too much, as this can lead to 'papery' tasting coffee.

5. If you are using scales, stop pouring the water when it reaches 220g. Allow this to drip until finished, serve and enjoy.

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