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Our Beans


We source 100% Arabica beans that are fair trade and supporting farmers. The beans are organic, unadulterated by pesticides. They are also world land trust certified, meaning that with every kilo purchased, we are helping to save and protect vast areas of rainforest.

We've calculated it recently and as of 2018 this equates to over 460 acres. This is the same as 7,440 tennis courts or 1.25 million trees.

To see more about the projects supported by us and many others, see World Landtrust.



We use organic milk from the UK to mix with our espressos, which of course is free of any shady additives. We have a range of alternative non-dairy milks, including coconut, soya & almond. Our almond milk contains almonds and water, nothing else.



All of our takeaway cups are biodegradable, compostable & recyclable. We only give you these when you're getting coffee to go, and if you dine in we'll serve you from one of our china mugs.

These takeaway cups are all produced in the UK (with the exception of our espresso cups, these are made in mainland Europe and shipped to us).

Making a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable cup wasn’t easy.

Most cups use a polyethylene (PE) lining which is applied to make the paperboard leak-proof, and it acts as the glue to seal the cup. The lining of our compostable cups is a biopolymer coating.

Compostable cups are not the only solution, but they are a way of reducing plastic going to into our natural environments. The materials come from a better source and the cup degenerates better and quicker, regardless of the waste stream it's put into.

Our cups are made from PEFC certified materials, meaning the wood and other materials all come from sustainably managed forests. We also have our own reusable coffee cup that is bamboo (not plastic) and was designed and produced in partnership with John Lewis.

We serve all drink-in hot drinks in china, and offer a 35p discount to encourage people to bring in their own reusable cups, whether to have in or takeaway.

Our thought process hasn’t stopped there. After making your coffee, the used grounds are collected and converted into renewable energy by Bio-Bean. They turn them into coffee logs, pellets and biodiesel, which can heat buildings, fuel homes, stoves and BBQs, and even be used to power businesses.

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