Super speedy to sow and attractive to grow broad beans will be happy in a window box or any fairly deep pot.  Fill the containers with multi purpose compost, sow the seeds in rows 20cm apart and 5-7cm deep and water them in, if using a round pot sow in a spiral shape. They produce pretty purple and white flowers in May which soon become long pods packed full of sweet juicy beans. When the plants are approximately 20cm tall, pinch out the central growing tip, this prevents the plants from growing any taller and allows them to put their energy into producing lots of pods. remember, be kind and water your window boxes or pots regularly. If you sow the seeds now they will be ready for picking by the middle of June. When choosing broad bean seed for containers aim for a compact variety eg The Sutton.

Top tip: Always pick from the bottom of the stem as these pods ripen first.

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