We source 100% Arabica beans that are fair trade, supporting farmers. The beans are organic, unadulterated by pesticides. They are also world land trust certified, helping us to save over 185 acres of rainforest (so far).
We use UK organic milk to mix with our espresso. Organic milk, while of course being free of any shady additives, also has more omega-3 and is packed with nutrients and goodness. We also offer organic almond milk. Our almond milk contains almonds and water, nothing else.

When we’re making your coffee, we use real efficiency. Our main baristas are trained in an ancient martial art called Wing Tsun. It helps to increase spatial awareness and slow down heart rates, which makes for faster smoother coffees with less stress or wastage.

We are so proud of all this, that we have collaborated with paper cut artist Helen Musselwhite to tell you about our coffee journey through three artworks.


We are still working on parts of our coffee journey that we know could be better. We are trying to move our roastery closer, to the UK, so that we can make our coffee journey shorter. And we are exploring even more milk alternatives, such as heritage milk and hemp milk, to help make it easier for coffee to taste good and do you good.

We might not be all the way there yet, but we are putting a lot of thought into our coffee. In fact, we can’t think of anything we haven’t thought of.