A lot of research has gone into our insides recently, and all the findings show that our guts do much more than we’ve been giving them credit for. We have always known that food makes us happy. Our mission has always been to make food that tastes good and does you good, and keep everyone happy. We launched our sixth cookbook last week and called it Happy Salads. But science is now showing that that having a healthy gut is actually critical to the overall health of our body.

We have introduced dishes that we think will help make it easy for everyone to look after their core. We have developed a Blueberry & Elderflower Kefir, which is full of nutrients and probiotics. We have brought back our Lamb Kofte Salad, which is served with a pickle-kraut relish packed with the power of plants and good-for-the-gut acids. And we have added turmeric to our Carrot, Apple & Ginger juice – a spice with anti-inflammatory benefits and an ability to help us digest proteins and fats better.

We have also brought back our Chicken Tagine for the third summer running, slow cooked with preserved lemons and green olives, and introduced a brand new salad. Our bodies thrive when we eat a lot of plants, and we want to make them taste as good as possible. We recently teamed up with Wester Ross – an independent high welfare salmon farm in Scotland – so this second salad of the summer season is our Hot Smoked Salmon Superfood. The fish is hand reared and smoked with a sugar free cure.

Our summer menu also comes with a deal, to celebrate our new cookbook. It’s full of recipes for people who already love salads, and for people who don’t know it yet. If you buy a copy of Happy Salads in store at LEON, we’ll give you a salad from our “happy salads” range and any drink, on us. This is valid for two weeks, until June 24th.