‘Kay. First up, here’s our new Thai Curry.

Every now and then, a cookbook comes along that feels extra special. One of our best friends, the food writer, Kay Plunkett-Hogge, has published the book she’s been waiting her whole career to write. Baan: Recipes & stories from my Thai homewhich comes out today, takes us on a journey through Kay’s childhood and life in Thailand and the food that means ‘home’ to her; the English translation of the Thai word ‘baan’.

Kay has helped us out at LEON more times than we can count, and so many of our seasonal specials are thanks to her inquisitive love of big, vivid flavours. This new dish of hers, though – like her book – is extra special. Kay’s Home-Style Thai Curry is a bold, fragrant green curry made with British chicken thigh, aubergine, baby sweetcorn and bamboo shoots.

Eat more plant(ain)s

Just like Baan feels like the culmination of a life spent travelling and writing and eating for Kay; our newest cookbook, Fast Vegan, is a book that celebrates our 15-year love affair with veg. It builds on the themes that have guided us ever since we opened our first restaurant in 2004 – food that tastes great, is remarkably good for you, leaves you feeling great after you have eaten it, is kind to the planet and is affordable – because plants are key to all five.

It’s our job to make plants taste so good, they appeal to everyone: vegans, those who want to eat more plants, and those who just want some tasty recipes irrespective of whether they’re made with vegetables or not. And that’s why, this Spring, we’ve taken the Caribbean Plantain Curry straight from the pages of Fast Vegan for our menu. A mix of sweet potato, plantain and kale, it’s cooked slowly in a creamy coconut sauce, bright with lime and the warmth of habanero chillies.

Sun’s out, GF buns out.

For everyone who already knows the power of plants and has been waiting to try our vegan LOVe Burger, we’re pleased to say our buns are out of the oven. Our new gluten-free poppy seed bun is in restaurants now. It won’t replace our vegan sourdough bun but is available for those following a gluten- and wheat-free diet, helping us bring more LOVe to more people.

When life gives you strawberries, make lemonade.

Then, finally, we’re bringing back Strawberry Lemonade. Every now and then we ask our guests what they’d like to see more of on our menu, or what we could bring back from the archives. Some of our guests don’t even need to be asked, they just tell us. And every single time, without fail, someone mentions strawberry lemonade; a drink we first launched in 2011 and wrote about in our fourth cookbook, Family & Friends. Sweet, tart, and just the thing to ring in the season.

Raise a glass – here’s to Spring.

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