Small in size but huge on flavour these are the jewels of the vegetable garden and luckily will grow happily in a pot or window box. They are one of the fastest growing vegetables, crisp and peppery providing a good source of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium.   Sow just a few seeds this month, sprinkle lightly onto damp multi-purpose compost in a pot, container or window box, cover with a dusting of the compost and in 6 weeks they will be ready to eat adding spice to your salad bowl. For a continuous supply of these little gems throughout the summer, sow more seeds every 4 weeks, just remember to keep them watered and sow sparingly to avoid having to thin the seedlings later.   To harvest, move the soil away from the base of the leaves and if you see a reddish bulb,  pull away and taste. They should be crisp and peppery with a thin skin. Sow different varieties for fun,  French Breakfast for a long red radish with a pretty white tip,  Sparkler for the more traditional globe shape or to be different try Ping Pong which as its name suggests is round and white.

If you are interested in growing vegetables, Parkers-Patch runs courses throughout the year