We started LEON to make it easy for everyone to eat well, by providing naturally fast food.

There are five principles behind this:

(1) The food must taste fantastic
(2) It must be remarkably good for you
(3) You must feel good after you eat it
(4) It has to be kind to the planet
(5) It has to be affordable

Plants are one of the most powerful ways of achieving these things. It has been one of our principal tasks since 2004 to make vegetables taste good.

Plants provide us with the power to harness natural energy, with the fibre, antioxidants and nutrients that we need. They keep our gut well, and heal it. They help us to function and flourish.

Food is confusing us more than ever before. The science says we mustn’t eat too much of the wrong things, but no one’s sure about the right things. Diets say you must eat like a caveman, or a bird, or with a blindfold on. There are so many differing opinions and diets, that it can leave us feeling a little stumped. Plants, however, are one thing everyone can agree that you can’t eat ‘too much’ of. Natural, powerful plants. It is clear that vegetables (as well as the children) are our future.

This Spring, we are focusing on the potential of plants, and basking in their diverse glory. It’s time to start thinking of meat and ‘sugary’ carbohydrates as a side. As an addition. Not as the stars of the show. We’ve been thinking this way for a while (if you have our Naturally Fast Food cookbook, take a look at p.14). We are conditioned to believe that a diet of mainly plants will turn us into rabbits. This is not the case. Our bodies thrive when we eat lots of plants. Not just leafy greens, but vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, even coffee beans.

Here are a few of our stars this Spring:

Courgetti & Kale

Spiralised courgettes and shredded kale, sprinkled with Greek-Style cheese. Tossed in our Sicilian Pesto, made with fresh basil, cashew nuts and tomatoes. Loaded with green nutrients, it’s a great source of protein. Greens can come true.


Keen Bean Quinoa

Toasted British quinoa, with broad beans, mange tout, edamame and peas. Dressed with a punchy basil and tarragon vinaigrette. Almost half the energy in this salad is from the protein in the greens. Choose the vegan version, or enjoy with chicken.


Sicilian Chicken Meatballs

A little lunchbox. Sicilian meatballs with capers, fennel and chilli, served in our LEON tomato sauce. Topped with Sicilian Pesto, made with fresh basil, cashew nuts and tomatoes. High in fibre and low in calories.


Original Superfood Salad

This salad has been with us since the start, and deserves your full attention. Keeping you full with a low glycaemic load, loads of greens and good fats, this salad really is Food for the Future.

Crushed Pea Salad

More than pea-sized power. Minted peas topped with toasted seeds, tossed in a mustard tahini dressing, served with and a wedge of lemon. A sizeable side of protein.

Brazilian Black Bean

Our version of the traditional Brazilian feijoa, black beans, carrots and onions spiced with sweet & smoked paprika. It tastes decadent while being remarkably good for you. This vegan stew is so hearty and filling, that when Adam, our Property Director at LEON first tried it, he said “I love that new meaty one”.