Here’s our story (so far).

When we founded LEON in 2004 it was to provide fast food that tastes good, does you good and is kind to the planet. Fourteen years on, we have to keep up this commitment and are proud to announce today we are switching from plastic straws to paper alternatives.
We will also be moving from plastic cutlery, to compostable and biodegradable alternatives. As soon as we have reached the last straw (and knife, fork and spoon), we’ll be welcoming these better straws and cutlery.

We began our Naturally Fast Food business with kraft paper packaging, free water served in glasses, eat-in hot drinks in china cups and a set of principles that respected the importance of nature in food. As food was at the heart of our culture, as it still is today, this included sourcing all fish from sustainable shoals, free-range eggs, organic milk and organic, Fairtrade and World Land Trust coffee.
Since 2015 we have pursued three environmental priorities, having read the science and spoken to people who know more than we do, to work out what we can do to make the biggest difference.

As a business we believe we have made real headway.

  • Increasing the amount of plant-based items on our menu. Today 45% of the all-day menu at LEON is plant based (compared to 30% three years ago).
  • Switching from carbon fuels to UK renewable energy. All restaurants we buy the energy for have been powered by 100% UK renewable energy since 2016.
  • Eliminating plastics and non-recyclable paper cups. We made the significant switch to compostable and biodegradable coffee cups in 2016 and today’s announcement is further progress.

Now we have an opportunity to continue the discussion in the restaurant industry, about how to better match the nutritional needs of the individual, with the ecological needs of the planet, whilst supporting economic growth.
Because straws aren’t the last of it.

Love from,
John Vincent
LEON Co-Founder

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