Plant now and next June you will be harvesting tasty onions to use immediately or store for use later.  Don’t bother to sow onion seed – sow sets instead, they are sold in multiples of 50 in net bags.  Heat treated and looking like baby onions they are disease resistant and will survive the winter whatever the weather.

Push each one into firm soil, 15cm apart, pointy tip facing upwards and just above the soil level.  Plant them directly into the vegetable garden or in a sunny spot in a window box outside. Onions are shallow rooted and don’t take up too much space so be adventurous and try planting red onions with winter lettuces or chard between them.  Onion sets are readily available from most garden centres or seed companies online.

Top tip: when the leaves start to yellow the onions are ready.

If you are interested in growing vegetables, Parkers-Patch runs courses throughout the year.