Inspired by the brilliant Terry Gilliam, who was responsible for the glorious opening credits to the Monty Python movies (and many other things), and combining the visuals from our newest cookbook Fast Vegan, which is where the recipe came from, our Caribbean Plantain Curry came to life.

The scotch bonnet is a key ingredient to give the curry the heat and warmth, but, as to not make your mouth catch fire, you have to fish the scotch bonnet out before serving. Which gave inspiration to a giant hand coming out the sky and plucking the scotch bonnet island out the Caribbean sea.

story board

The task at hand was no easy feat. Sean our head designer and Handsome George our photographer, individually cut out each asset and photographed them, each frame by frame.


The whole piece was set out on a big shard of glass, and rested on a bench and slowly moved under the camera to create the moving effect. It took our Sean and George a day to shoot, and a few days to edit, but the final piece ended up being something we hope would make Terry Gilliam proud.

The Caribbean Plantain Curry is out now in all restaurants.