At LEON we serve Naturally Fast Food, to help bring the best food to the most people. We have always believed that it is possible for fast food to both taste good and do you good. For the last twelve years, we have tried to make it easy for everyone to eat well and enjoy doing so.

When we met Gizzi, we knew that we had found someone to create the next chapter in the future of fast food with. Gizzi cares about food as much as we do. She loves eating it as much as we do. She believes in cooking to feed the soul, as well as to nourish the body.

So, we have been in the kitchen together creating some new LEON dishes that you will love eating. The first is out right now, inspired by Gizzi’s recipe in her cookbook Healthy Appetite. The LEON x Gizzi Chicken Satay Salad. A sweet potato, carrot and daikon spiralised salad in chilli lime dressing, topped with our chargrilled chicken and served with a punchy peanut sauce. It’s cracking.

Gizzi's_Satay_Chicken hi med

“I’ve always loved LEON, and working with them to turn my recipe into a quick and healthy dish has been so much fun. There have been so many unexpected obstacles – from sourcing affordable ingredients without compromising quality, to making the method simple enough to serve the dish within thirty seconds across thirty eight stores. I’ve really enjoyed coming up with innovative solutions to these challenges, and I’m really proud of what we’ve created together and the fact it’s available for all LEON lovers. We’re working on more exciting projects this year, so watch this space.”
Gizzi Erksine

You can watch the whole story here, as it happened.