Little room for many pots or only a window box outside? Well make way for the humble leek. Big on flavour, architectual to look at and unbelievably easy to grow in a small space.  To get the best results, scatter less than a 1/3 of the seed packet onto damp multi purpose compost in a seed tray and keep inside on a window ledge or shelf in natural light.  Do not let the soil dry out, check every few days and sprinkle with more water if needed. In a week or so the seeds will start to germinate,  keep watering until they are the size of a thin pencil. Fill a window box or deep container with multi purpose compost, using a pencil make holes in the compost and drop the thin leeks one into every hole.  Water in the leeks and each hole naturally back fills with the compost.  You can plant them close together if you like just remember they won’t be huge fat leeks because of this.  Sow leeks this month and they will be ready August onwards all you have to do is water them regularly. Try growing the variety St Victor as the leaves have a purple tint.

Top Tip : Scatter some carrot seeds in the same container,  leeks are a natural pest control, their slight onion scent will help keep the nasties away!

If you are interested in growing vegetables, Parkers-Patch runs courses throughout the year