Raw honey is a great way to start the day. You get a natural buzz of energy that helps you start the day with a bang! Because raw honey is so high in energy it is a perfect recovery aid for athletes and any healthy active person, with the raw honey also giving your body well needed nutrients and vitamins.

Raw honey is a great sweetener, not only because it’s packed with natural nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, but because it tastes great too. When it comes to the difference in taste between a regular raw multiflower honey and an organic one many people believe that the organic honey has superior taste because of the “cleaner” environment that the bees work in.

More health benefits of raw organic honey:

  • good substitute of sugar
  • good source of energy
  • contains antibacterial & antifungal properties
  • source of vitamins and minerals
  • helps digestion
  • so many different flavours
  • good for your skin

But at hilltop we also believe in supporting beekeepers and their beautiful bees too, which is why we give 5% of their Welsh honey profits to the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust and also run an ‘Adopt a Bee’ scheme, which we set up to help bees survive and thrive.

These are just some of the reasons LEON has decided to start using hilltop honey’s raw, organic multiflower honey as well as it perfectly fitting LEON co-founder John Vincent’s idea of giving customers food that makes them “still feel good after they have eaten”.