There is a Hindu story that pictures the universe as a web of jewels, all interconnected with string. Each jewel has its own brilliance but also reflects and refracts the brilliance of all the other jewels. Each jewel enhances the whole. That is how we think about one-pot cooking.

Our newest cookbook, Happy One-Pot Cooking, is out now. We wrote it to make it easier for everyone to eat well. It is why we started LEON. We do that in our restaurants, and we look to do that with our books. In both, we put flavour first and marry it with goodness. We’ve tried to do that through six different sections.

Naturally Fast dishes are easy to make and big on flavour. As well as the expected line-up of pastas, quesadillas, and noodles, there are a lot of ‘breakfast for dinner’s in there too – try the Puttanesca Baked Eggs or Make a Hash of This for all-day brunch vibes.

Fresh & Easy dishes are light on prep, big on flavour. Sardines with Tomatoes, Rosemary & White Beans is a big smack of Mediterranean goodness, and is best mopped up with some good bread.

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Dishes in the Posh chapter belie their one-pot method. Beef Bourguignon with Potatoes is dinner party worthy fare if ever we heard it, and the Saffron Chicken Quinoa Pilaf, made by our friend Chantal, is an all-time favourite.

Then the Cosy & Warm section’s doing just as promised and delivering recipes that’ll make you want to hunker down, not leave the house and say yes to the second serving. There’s aOne-Tray Sausage & Mash recipe that shows the true wonders of what one simple pot can do.

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Happy One-Pot available on Amazon now. Click here to buy now.