People say ‘go with your gut’ and ‘trust your gut instinct’, yet we’ve known little about this big part of ourselves. A shaky basis for decision making? Maybe not, as in the last decade scientists have discovered a community of trillions of bacteria in the large intestine, known as your gut microbiota. This community weighs more than your brain and outnumbers human cells, making you more bacteria than (wo)man. Now our guts and their health are being proven to be much more fundamental to our wellbeing than we realised.

We believe that a healthy gut helps you have a happy life, so we’re pleased to announce we have started working with Dr Megan Rossi who’s an expert in all things gut. Dr Rossi is a dietician, nutritionist and has a PhD in gut health. Our joint mission is to help you look after yourself, from the inside out.

Dr Rossi works as a Research Associate at King’s College London and also leads a gut health clinic on Harley street, she is passionate about science-based wellness and when it comes to food she will try anything once. A foodie after our own hearts!


The reason a good healthy gut matters is, according to Dr Rossi, that “gut health relates to the functioning of your entire gastrointestinal tract (the tube that delivers food from entry to exit). This involves digestion and absorption of food, the “leakiness” of your gut and other functions that happen without you knowing. In fact, gut health is not just about preventing and treating disease but can affect your general wellbeing by shaping your mood, thoughts and even your taste preferences.”

Why not treat your guts to our Blueberry & Elderflower Kefir? Known as yogurt’s super sister, Kefir’s a brilliant source of gut-friendly bacteria. It’s also jam-packed with protein and calcium to help keep your muscles and bones in good nick. What’s more, some claim Kefir is easier to digest compared to other dairy drinks thanks to the good bacteria which help “predigest” the milk sugars.

We don’t know your insides, but you could, and the advice from Dr Rossi and a new gut friendly range of LEON menu items might help you get to know how to keep your gut healthy.

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