Growing your own garlic is super easy. Naturally shallow rooted, it’s perfect for growing in a pot or window box in a sunny spot if space in the garden is tight. Split each clove from one head/bulb of garlic, nudge the cloves 5cm deep and 10cm apart into soil or mulit-purpose compost in a container and away from the edge.  Water them in and apart from not letting them dry out you can ignore them until next summer when each clove will have become a large bulb brimming with fat cloves.  Buy garlic heads/cloves from certified seed companies don’t be tempted to use one from a supermarket or the back of your fridge as it will not be disease resistant. Top tip: Wait for the leaves to turn yellow before lifting the bulbs out of the soil, then dry them off completely ready for storing. You need never run out of garlic if you grow your own. If you are interested in growing vegetables, Parkers-Patch runs courses throughout the year to help you and your vegetables grow big and strong.