At LEON we have one simple goal: to help everyone to eat well and live well. We know that there are lots of reasons why people want to work flexibly. Some are parents or carers, others are pursuing their passions. Helping our people balance work and home keeps them well. And that makes us happy.


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We already have a number of team members who work flexibly but from now on we will make it clear when recruiting that we are happy to discuss flexible working arrangements.

Earlier this week I was delighted to meet Debra Maccow, a shift manager, who joined LEON three years ago and has been working flexibly ever since. “My manager at LEON has been really supportive. He identified a store where I could work shifts that would allow me to look after my daughter too. I love it. I think everyone deserves a chance to work, whether they’re a mum, or have someone to look after.”

 For senior managers and specialist staff we will also join the ‘Hire Me My Way’ campaign on flexible working for those on £20k or more (FTE).

 Currently 54% of the workforce already has an element of flexibility about their role. However only 8.7% of jobs paid £20,000 or more (FTE) are advertised with part-time or flexible options. This means that lots of people are unable to move on to other jobs. And we don’t think that’s fair.

So from now on we will make it clear exactly which roles are available to flexible workers and will say we are open to discussing the possibility of flexible working options during the recruitment process. We also pledge to examine remaining roles and ask what more can be done to make them available.

After all, we are family.