At LEON, we always want to make it easy for everyone to feel free. Free to let food delight and invigorate, and leave you free to enjoy eating.

Since we opened our first restaurant we have wanted to prove that even if you choose to avoid certain ingredients, or if you have no choice but to avoid them, your food can still be full of flavour, and make you full of joy.

This January, we want to do even more to show you that this is possible. We have got some brand new dishes for you. If we have done our job right, we will have created a very safe, but very fun playground for you. Somewhere you can play without concern, and do so with a skip in your step.

We have a brand new Ruby Berry Porridge, made with dairy-free cashew milk. Topped with almond butter and a “wonky fruit” compote, saving over 400kg of British berries every month from becoming food waste. It’s berry good. We have a vegan Sweet Potato & Okra Stew – our twist on the West African groundnut stew, using lady’s fingers and a spiced up peanut butter sauce. A recipe from our new cookbook Fast & Free, out 12th January. Watch our video below on how to make it yourself, if you fancy. And we have a Chicken Noodle Soup, made with gluten-free turmeric rice noodles, a Chicken Satay Hot Box with punchy peanut sauce, and a Chicken, Avocado & Chorizo Salad with quinoa and broccoli.

We also have the return of some LEON classics. The Kale & Peanut Salad and the Kale & Mackerel Salad, dressed to kale with sesame and tamari. And the LEON Gobi, our vegan cauliflower curry with chilli, ginger and spices in a coconut milk sauce.

And then we’re doing even more, so that you can enjoy eating in your own home as well as on the go. On the 12th January, we will be releasing our seventh and latest cookbook Fast & Free. It’s full of free-from recipes for people who actually, really, seriously, donttakeitawayfromme, love food. You can order it here and have a jolly good time cooking, eating, and sharing all the dishes with everyone you know.

So, Happy New Year. We wish you happy playing. Here’s to being free to enjoy your food.