Allow us to introduce our Lucky Katsu – gluten-free chicken nuggets in a punchy, aromatic curry sauce, served over our Italian brown rice and fresh slaw. Mmmmm. All the colours of autumn in a box. It’s our version of a classic Japanese dish, showing how to do big-flavoured, veg-forward recipes without cheating and reaching for anything artificial. Be gone additives and hello garam masala, ginger, garlic and their best friends curry powder, creamy coconut milk and sliced, sweet carrots. Fun fact: ‘Katsu’ has an extra meaning: ‘to win.’ Japanese students eat their ‘lucky’ katsu the night before exams so we’re very excited, at the start of this academic year, to offer you academics a chance to get lucky with a Katsu Curry.

We’ll also be currying favour with the much-anticipated return of the Mack Lentil Masala. It’s a box-based-best-seller starring green lentils, sweet potato & kale and a strong supporting cast of cumin, ginger and mustard seeds. It’s the Dahling of our Leon boxes.

If you can turn your mind away from thoughts of curry for just a second, have you heard of Leon de Montana? It’s an 86-acre (65 football fields if you’re struggling to get your head round it) mountain forest reserve in Western Honduras. Not only is it where our coffee is grown but we now are now its proud owners – because with the help of Puro and the World Land Trust we bought it! And since we own it, we can protect it; Mountain Forest is a rockier version of rain forest but just as vulnerable, as are the animals under threat of extinction that live within it.  Like the tiny, coffee-coloured, Espinal’s Coffee Snake and a little black-bird known as The Highland Guan. It’s apparently also proving a local attraction to some inquisitive mountain lions spotted having a snoop around the area recently. We’ll keep you posted.

Of course this also means that we can continue to provide you with coffee made from triple-certified beans that are organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest friendly. We and our friends at Puro are 100% committed to sustainable business and every bag of coffee beans sold means a small donation goes to the World Land Trust, so that other parts of the world’s most biologically distinct and threatened habitats can be protected. Now that’s a coffee worth having, right?

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