We think a lot about the future of fast food. It’s the single thought that takes up most of our time. It is, after all, what we set out to create.

Since we started in 2004, when wilted lettuce or a lone pickle were all the greenery you might find in a fast food meal, we have celebrated plants and believed in the idea of ‘meat as a side dish’. Then in 2010 we wrote about this idea in our second cookbook Naturally Fast Food (take a look at page 14), and we still believe today that plants in all forms, rather than meat, should be the most important, and tastiest, things on our plates.

This no longer seems as radical an idea as it was then, and recently more and more of you have gotten in touch asking us to develop a few more plant-based dishes for our menu.

So with that in mind and with our love of taking fast food as you know it and making it a bit better for you, we have developed three new dishes that have plants as the main feature. And as all three of them are made with fresh ingredients from the daily produce delivery, and made to order, it’s even easier to EAT WELL NOW at LEON.

Truffle Mushroom Burger

The Truffle Mushroom burger is plant goodness in a fast food form, combining halloumi and a whole large mushroom, roasted freshly every day, served with our own truffle sauce for a double-cheese double-mushroom treat.

It’s a naturally tasty cheeseburger.

The Naked Burgers

Served in a signature LEON box, this is our classic Chargrilled chicken thigh served on fresh slaw, alongside a generous handful of rocket, topped with a slice of beef tomato. This is then dressed liberally with the choice of either Satay sauce or Korean mayo. And yes, there are the prerequisite gherkin slices.

All the best bits of a burger, loaded with plants not carbs.