ATTENTION. Classes are held several times a week outside, led by members of the armed forces. The classes are split by ability levels from beginner to seasoned bootcamp attendee. Your first class is free so there’s no excuse not to get in line.


Learn dance routines from the music videos of the likes of Britney & Beyonce in a 60 minute full-body workout. Far from your average dance class, it makes for a great instagram video to boot. Classes take place all over London and Manchester every day, and start from £15.


A mid-week, sober rave starting at 6.30am. Their vision is to “turn clubbing culture upside down and transform mornings into something truly remarkable”. Expect free hugs, super food smoothies, and infectious smiles. Buy tickets as early as possible, they start from £10.


Try one of Nordic Walking’s many routes in the capital, including Hampstead Heath and Epping Forest. Far from a walk in the park, it takes skill and works the whole body as you’re using equipment – you need to take a four-part beginners course before walking with the pros.


If you want to take your downward dog to a new level, Dogmahny has the class for you. You don’t need a dog to join the classes, but founder Mahny promises that if you bring yours, it’ll be a great bonding exercise as well as a workout. Classes are weekly in Camden and start from £15.


Stand-Up-Paddleboarding is the world’s fastest growing watersport, and the world’s best acronym. It works your core, balance skills, and is an unsuspecting sport performed in the lidos of central London. Classes are a little on the pricier side, starting at £25.


This one is just for women, but too good not to mention. Taisoken, which means ‘exercise sword’, is fitness training based on the traditional Japanese sword movements. It’s incorporated into a cardio workout and teaches confidence as well as coordination. They meet weekly in central London and classes are led by Jeff Humm, who has been studying the use of the Japanese sword for over 35 years (in other words, you’re in good hands). Classes are £10.