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The Leon foundation


Our vision is to make it easy for everyone to eat good food. We are currently doing this by serving fast food, but we believe that our expertise and contacts can be of use more broadly. So with the help of our Leon Bondholders, we established the Leon Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation with the overall aim of making it easier for everyone to eat good food.

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The school food plan

In 2012 Henry and John were asked by the government to create a plan that would improve both the food eaten by school children and more broadly the food culture and food education in schools. The School Food Plan was published in July 2013. It contains 17 actions which are now being implemented, that we believe, collectively, will transform what children eat in schools and how they learn about food. If a school you know wants advice on how best to make these changes, please point them in the direction of the plan. It is a lively read and is full of practical advice. You can find, and an update on the latest progress, here.

Cook It Classes

We have worked with the wonderful Thane Prince to help children with kidney problems at Great Ormond Street and St Thomas Hospital cook food that tastes great and does them good.
Children with kidney problems have very restricted diets; they are limited in how much salt, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheese and other dairy products they can eat. Our classes were designed to teach the children how to cook healthy and tasty food that is suitable for their restricted diets. We wanted them to know how to cook dishes that they could proudly serve to their friends - not stuff that felt as if it was for a specific medical diet. We plan to create an online video resource to make the classes more accessible to children across the country.

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