Unlimited Coffee

Pay £15 for Unlimited Coffee for a month. Every seven cups you drink saves 1m² of rainforest.

How does it work?

What can you use your coffee subscrition for?

Well, coffee!
Your coffee subscription can be used to get any LEON coffee for free, regardless of size or choice of milk. It works for our full range of coffees and teas, but not hot chocolate. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other LEON deals and offers, for example the Breakfast Meal deal. It also cannot be used for delivery orders.

How to purchase

The Unlimited Coffee subscription can be purchased for £15 a month from the link above. When you purchase your subscription we will send you a confirmation email to your preferred email address, and a second email explaining how it works.

When you next log in to Smart Order, use the email address you purchased your subscription with and enter code COFFEE at checkout to redeem your subscription. The code will be associated with your email address already.

Your code will be valid for the month from date of purchase, and will auto-renew. You can cancel your subscription at any time and this will stop it auto-renewing. You will still be charged for the month. You can manage your subscriptions at the 'Manage my Subscription' button.

There is a total redemption limit of 75 coffees across the 30 day offer period.

There is a cap of £7 per coffee order per transaction. This is to allow us to manage queues - we want you to get as much coffee as you want, but can't make all 75 in one go without disrupting other guests' experience.

This offer can only be used via purchases on Smart Order, our click & collect platform. You can place your order for immediate collection or at any 5-minute interval throughout the day of order. It does not work at kiosks or tills in a LEON restaurant.


Due to changing lockdown tiers we are aware that some of you might not be able to use your coffee codes as often as you intended. If you purchase a subscription and restrictions change, and you no longer want your coffee subscription, please get in touch with Aaron and Nichola here (mailto:guesthappiness@leon.co).

Where can I use my coffee subscription?

This offer is available at participating restaurants. It is not available in LEON Motorway Services, Euston, Kings Cross, Stansted, Eurotunnel, Heathrow T2 and Cheshire Oaks.

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