Family & Friends


Family & Friends is our fourth cookbook, created by Leon co-founder John Vincent and cookery writer and broadcaster Kay Plunkett-Hogge.

At the heart of happy family life are meals spent together – sharing flavourful, nutritious food around the kitchen table and swapping stories of the day. Many of us feel we don’t have time to cater for our families in the way that we’d like but Family & Friends shows you how to make the most of the time available to feed your family fabulous food. For Leon, family is not just about our relatives; it’s also the extended community of friends, neighbours and colleagues. The book celebrates the power of food to bring people together. It’s divided into three sections: Today, including great breakfasts, brunch ideas and post-school teas, Tomorrow, for those occasions where some planning is involved – picnics, weekend lunches, birthday parties and Christmas – and Yesterday, a culinary celebration of nostalgic family food memories. With more than 200 recipes, there are dishes to keep eeryone happy, from snacks for children in Crunch! Squish! Slurp! to super-quick supper recipes for parents in After Lights Out, and no teenager should fly the nest without 10 Things You Should Know How To Cook Before You Leave Home.



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