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Any food business creates waste through their packaging, and we believe that it is our responsibility to make better choices for the environment. We aren’t perfect yet, but moving forwards our aim is to look for and create opportunities for positive change within the materials and amounts we use.

Plastic Cutlery & Straws


This year we switched from plastic straws and cutlery to paper and biodegradable alternatives. This is an important first step but we want to reduce our use of plastic further. We're trialling CanO water - spring water in a resealable aluminium can - in a number of restaurants, and are looking to replace our water bottles with recycled alternatives.

Bags and Boxes


Our takeaway bags, and boxes and papers are all made from FSC certified and recyclable materials. This means that they help to maintain or improve workers lives, protect indigenous people’s rights, and look after both the local community and environment. More information can be foundhere.

Coffee Cups & Drink in


We pour your coffee into biodegradable, compostable & recyclable cups. Our cups and recyclable plastic lids are produced in the UK (with the exception of our espresso cups, these are made in mainland Europe and shipped to us).

Making a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable cup wasn’t easy. Most cups use a polyethylene (PE) lining which is applied to make the paperboard leak-proof, and it acts as the glue to seal the cup. The lining of our compostable cups is a biopolymer coating.

Compostable cups are not the only solution, but they are a way of reducing plastic going to into our natural environments. The materials come from a better source and the cup degenerates better and quicker, however it is disposed of.

Our cups are made from PEFC certified materials, meaning the wood and other materials all come from sustainably managed forests. We also have our own reusable coffee cup that is bamboo (not plastic) and was designed and produced in partnership with John Lewis. We serve all drink-in hot drinks in china, and offer a 35p discount to encourage people to bring in their own reusable cups, whether to have in or takeaway.



Where we have control of our waste contracts, we are absolutely zero to landfill. We also recycle card, paper, glass, plastic and tin. Anything not recycled is processed and turned in to green energy, often as a form of RDF Flock which can then be used to power homes and businesses. Not only this, but we also send our food to anaerobic digestion to create another form of green energy, and have partnered with Biobean in order to have our used coffee grounds processed to remove the oils, creating yet another form of power.

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