We know a lovely, green fingered lady, called Julia Parker. She’s going to give us monthly tips on what to grow, and how to grow it. When the growing get’s tough, the tough get’s growing. She says: “Sow basil seeds during August and you will be picking tender aromatic leaves from early September until the first frosts. Lightly sprinkle a few seeds on damp multi-purpose compost in a pot or container which will comfortably sit on a window sill, water them in and a few days later seedlings will appear, when 2 pairs of leaves appear on each stem place the container outside and in approximately 4 weeks the leaves will be ready for picking, pinch out the leaves from the main growing stem and side shoots will appear making stronger healthier plants. Do not let the soil dry out. Pick leaves as often as you can, this encourages more growth.” If you are interested in growing vegetables, Parkers-Patch runs courses throughout the year to help you and your vegetables grow big and strong.