This is an important letter about how we manage allergens at LEON. I would like to explain what we do to make our restaurants as safe as possible and the steps we take to minimise cross-contamination, and also the risks that remain.

1. First, I would like to share what we do in order to make our restaurants as safe as we can. We review our restaurant procedures, and those of our suppliers, often and very carefully. We only work with suppliers we trust, who have robust procedures and checks, and we regularly visit their farms, plants and kitchens to verify that their processes comply with strict Food Safety regulations. We check all these records before we allow any products or ingredients into our kitchens. Then, when ingredients reach our kitchens, we have strict kitchen processes to segregate and avoid cross-contamination. And we ask third party companies to audit our own processes and those of our suppliers.

We train our team members on the ingredients in all of our dishes, the risks that allergens in them can pose, and how to safely manage allergen separation. We deliver this training when they join LEON and throughout the year, especially when a recipe changes or we launch a new menu.

2. Second, here is what we do if a guest tells us they have an allergy. All of our teams are trained that in the event of a guest mentioning they have an allergy, the guest should be directed to a document called the ‘Foodie Fact Sheet’ by the manager. This will show full nutritional and ingredient details, as well as the allergens present and any allergens that may be present, due to ingredients also handled either by our suppliers or at our prep stations. Once our guests have read this, the manager will supervise as their order is prepared.

3. Third, I want to share with you the risks that remain. Even with these processes in place, we do handle many of the major allergens in our kitchen (for example, we use almond butter in our Ruby Red Porridge, peanuts in our satay sauce and sesame in our hummus). Therefore, crucially, we cannot guarantee any product or meal will be 100% free from allergens.

There are occasions in which our recipes may change so please always check with a team member before ordering. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your dietary requirements.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or any other feedback, we would be very grateful if you could email

We will continue to make this our number one priority.

John Vincent