Nature isn’t meant to be a manicured garden or an orderly laid-out park. It’s meant to be wild and messy.

And only in its natural state can it flourish. And the same is true of us. This year we’re asking you to give up the idea of perfection and return to a more natural state.

In other words: let’s rewild.

We can help nature recover from the impact we humans have had, by restoring natural ecosystems for plants and animals. Biodiversity needs space to flourish and we can create that space.

It’s crucial, because naturally functioning ecosystems are better at preventing floods, capturing carbon, keeping us healthy and providing us with clean air, water and food.

And it can provide a legacy by leaving our landscapes in a better state than they are today.

Nature’s wellbeing and ours are inextricably linked.

This January, the month of new beginnings and personal promises, we want you to prioritise you. Because creating this change of course starts with you.

Through the food you eat, the relationships you keep, the kindness you show and the choices you make.

And throughout the year, we’ll be working alongside the London Wildlife Trust showing how you can be a part of our wildest dreams. In your back garden, your local parks, your town and city centres.

Anywhere, in fact, where nature can flourish. 

Join us in realising your wildest dreams.

Happy New Year from Leon.