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We want to maintain the highest quality, keeping our food fresh, healthy and sustainable. We have no secrets from our customers about our values and our efforts to stay at the forefront of the healthy food revolution. We work very closely with nutritionists and our suppliers to ensure that what we produce is consistently good for you.

Here are some of the things people sometimes pick us up on and why we do them.


We believe that treating yourself occasionally is important, and everyone knows that in moderation, salt is valuable for our health. We highlight any dishes that contain more than 1.5% salt as a ‘treat’ on our nutrition page, something that shouldn’t be eaten every day. Our breakfast muffins, chorizo products and halloumi dinner pot are considered treats, ranging from 1.6-2.7% salt. We keep up to date with the guidelines given by CASH (Consensus Action on Salt & Health) and are committed to reducing salt in our menus in 2015 and beyond. We have already removed salt completely from our kitchens and restaurant tables, replaced salt with tamari in our rice for flavouring, and have reduced salt by 25% in our falafels, meatballs, tomato sauce and fries seasoning.

Good carbs

We actively use a range of good carbs, for example, oats, brown rice in our boxes and quinoa in our salads. We are always looking to reduce the amount of refined white carbs that we use in our food, with the aim of removing them completely. We still have challenges on a few things, such as white flour in our flatbreads & muffins, where we haven’t managed to find a suitable (and delicious) alternative just yet. But we’ll keep looking, and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for us to taste.


If you are aware of recent nutritional research, you’ll know that many experts have fallen out of love with fructose as the superior low glycemic index sugar that we once thought it was. We’re moving away from fructose, and trying to only use low concentrations of the least refined sugars available. We keep up to date with all the latest developments with natural sweeteners, and are following, with a great deal of interest, the progress around Stevia and Xylitol as potential alternatives (despite their terrible names), as well as unrefined brown sugar.

burger comparison

The Leon Chicken Burger, at 444 calories, compares very well with the nutritional values of burgers available at leading fast food restaurants. There may be fewer calories in a McDonalds Chicken Mayo, but there’s also a whole lot less chicken. 57% to be precise. Our burger is the leader when it comes to low salt and sugar per portion, and has one of the highest amounts of protein. Unlike most gourmet burgers on the market, we have a very low sugar content in our buns, and use natural flavouring.

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