We set out to reinvent fast food. To create fast food as it would be in heaven.

First, that means having items that become brands in their own right. That are as iconic, fun and as easy to eat as you expect fast food to be. Quick to choose and buy, and consistently the same wherever and whenever you have them.

And importantly, our food must be affordable. We want to make it easier for everyone to eat and live well and that means keeping prices as low as we can. Breakfast that you can have for €3 and lunch you can have for €5. We can do this by serving many people and quickly – by having scale.

Then of course our food must taste good and do you good. In fact the flavours should be crave-able. A taste you dream about and can remember. Dishes you think about in the morning or afternoon ahead of eating.

And it must be kind to the planet. By promoting plant-based dishes, served in restaurants powered by green energy and eaten in packaging that can be recycled or reused.

Principles of the Mediterranean Diet

What is ‘good for’ one person will vary from individual to individual but we love the principles of the ‘Mediterranean’ diet with lots of plants of all colours, good fats, fish, meats, seeds and nuts. To get a little more technical, foods that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and full of a wide variety of nutrients, good fats and fibre. With fermented foods that help make a healthy gut. We use fresh herbs and spices for flavour as well as function, and believe in their power to prevent and heal our bodies. We find seasonal fruit and veg from farms we trust and share them with our guests in dishes or in their raw state.

Our overall view on nutrition is well summed up by Michael Pollan in his great book In Defence of Food: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”. A diet that follows these principles will be a good diet.


We take an informed view of ‘additives’. We know the things that we would never allow in our food. Then there are things like ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) that we are OK with, and then there are the things we have in our foods that we are comfortable enough with but will ideally remove in future. We are open about all our ingredients on our web site.


Then, because people are increasingly seeking individual ways of eating, we provide food suited to your body and how you like to eat (options for people eating free-from gluten, vegans, vegetarian). We take this very seriously but because we have kitchens where we make fresh food, we can never guarantee your dish is allergen-free.


We try to source locally wherever possible. Most of our meat is Irish apart from our Moroccan Meatballs these are British beef while we wait for our local supplier to perfect the recipe. Our chorizo comes from Spain because we’ve yet to find an Irish equivalent as good as the authentic version. Our, oats and eggs are all Irish, and our milk is 100 % organic from Just for you in Donegal.

Children’s Menu

During the development of our meal options for kids we focused on keeping sugar, salt and saturated fat to a minimum, but flavour to a maximum.


Student Discount

>Offering you brainy bunch 15% discount on our naturally fast food. This offer is not valid with any other offers, sorry.

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